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Major Works

Results and Prospects, 1906 (epub)

The year 1905, 1907 (epub)

The War and the International, 1914 (epub)

Our Revolution - Essays 1904-1917, 1918 (epub)

Military Writings - Volume 1, 1918 (epub)

Military Writings - Volume 2, 1919 (epub)

Military Writings - Volume 3, 1920 (epub)

Military Writings - Volume 4, 1921 (epub)

Military Writings - Volume 5, 1922 (epub)

Terrorism and Communism, 1920 (epub) (mobi) (azw) (prc)

Between Red and White, 1922 (epub)

The New Course, 1923 (epub)

The Lessons of October, 1924 (epub)

First Five Years of the Communist International - Volume I, 1924 (epub)

First Five Years of the Communist International - Volume II, 1924 (epub)

Platform of the Joint Opposition, 1927 (epub)

The Third International After Lenin, 1928 (epub)

The History of Russian Revolution, 1930 (epub) ( vol 1, vol 2, vol3)
and also as  mobi and pdf

My Life, 1930 (epub)

The Permanent Revolution, 1931 (epub)

The Revolution Betrayed, 1936 (epub). Older version (prc)

Whither France? 1936 (epub)

The Case of Leon Trotsky (Report of Dewey Commission), 1937 (epub)

The Stalin School of Falsification, 1937 (epub)

The Transitional Program, 1938 (epub)

In Defense of Marxism, 1939/40 (epub)

Fascism. What it is and how to fight it, 1944 (epub)

Collected Writings Series

The Rise of German Fascism, (epub), a complete collection of Trotsky's writings on Germany covering the years 1930 through 1940.

Collected Writings on China, (epub), a complete collection of Trotsky's writings on China covering the years 1925 through 1940.

Writings on Britain, (epub), a complete collection of Trotsky's writings on Britain covering the years 1920 through 1940 with an emphasis on the mid-20s.

Older version of Where is Britain Going? (prc)

Writings On Literature and Art & Literature and Revolution, (epub), a listing of Trotsky's views on Marxism and the Arts.

Older version of Literature and Revolution (prc)

Letters to Belgium (1929 - 1938), (epub), a collection of Trotsky’s letters to the Belgian Trotskyists.

On Women (1923 - 1936), (epub), a collection of Trotsky’s articles on women and related subjects.


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