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Random Thoughts (1)

(22 January 2006)

From Random Thoughts blog, (22 January 2006).
Transcribed by Christian Høgsbjerg.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

They say everything evolves around the idea of death,
we all aim for death,
we all know one thing is certain
but as I draw these ideas into my head, I find no meaning
if death is the only persisting truth
then why is it only recognized through life
why is it so essential to live if we all long for death
in every minute of our lives, in every thought, word and sentence
we are only pushing death away
do we actually need to recognize death,
is it that important to be thinking of an end
that we have no way of knowing when it happens
emptiness is another word for silence
death is another word for sanctuary
we have created a world that is horrible enough
to push us to believe in death as the only purpose
is death the problem or is it us
is life depressing, or do we make it of such
we draw our own history letter by letter, point by point
we create our ends and we create our beginnings
we can lit the lights or we can put them down
we decide our paths in every decision in every word and in every look
it is time we look into life in the purpose of making something out of it
it is time to stop looking at our ends, and look for new beginnings
we have endured so much pessimism.
take a deep breath and hit the road, it is time for change
it is our time to write our own history
we are no pones inside the course of life, we are life,
and without us life has no mere existence.

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