Marx-Engels Correspondence 1858

Engels To Marx
In London

Source: MECW Volume 40, p. 247;
First published: in Der Briefwechsel zwischen F. Engels und K. Marx, Stuttgart, 1913.

Manchester, 14 January 1858
7 Southgate

Dear Marx,

Herewith the article, though it has just occurred to me that by a ludicrous slip I have written Wilson throughout instead of Inglis; perhaps you would alter this as there’s no time to do so now.

I shall do a few more C’s for Tuesday, and finish ‘Cavalry’, which should make a good article and also be somewhat longer.

Apropos, have you done ‘Coehoorn’ (Baron)? If not I have some excellent material.

NB. I've no material whatever on ‘Catapults’ — there should be something in Ersch and Gruber.

The Lucknow garrison’s greatest act of heroism consisted in the fact that they had to face every day the ‘coarse beef’ cooked by the ladies, ‘entirely unaided’. Must have been damned badly cooked. The Daily News has something on Windham, but not enough.

Kindest regards to your wife and children.

F. E.

My health is good. The sores have all been healed for the last 6 weeks. Heckscher is very satisfied with the way the thing is progressing, but he’s still limiting what I eat and drink — not so much in quantity as in kind.