ETOL Writers: George Clarke

George Clarke


Biography (not yet available)


May 1930: The Fight for Harry Eisman

June 1930: Lovestone’s “Americanism”

June 1931: Back of the Air Maneuvers

July 1931: Cleveland Party & Unemployment

July 1931: Pittsburgh Convention Shows Need for Unity of Fighting Miners

October 1931: ILD Mooney Meet Ousts Left

December 1931: Illinois Miners on the Go for Tom Mooney

January 1932: Swabeck’s Tour Results – Kansas City

May 1932: The National Convention of the S.P.

June 1932: G.O.P. Meets in Chicago Confab

June 1932: Mr. Seabury “Exposes” Tammany-Walker

June 1932: Wage Cut for Federal Gov’t Workers

July 1932: Demagogues and Bankers Clash in Chicago

July 1932: Democratic Party & Unemployment

July 1932: Hoover & Unemployment

August 1932: The Socialist Party and Unemployment

October 1932: Which Political Party Shall the Miners Support in the Coming Elections

January 1933: Japanese Invasion of Jehol Creates Tense Situation

January 1933: Japan Seizes North China

February 1933: Lynching Campaign Against Zangara

February 1933: Millions to Be Jobless Perman’tly

February 1933: 7 Wounded in New Mine Battle

March 1933: China Report Confirms Opposition

May 1933: Organize Fight Against Mass Evictions

June 1933: New Deal Fakers Push Inquiry into Bankers Deals

June 1933: N.Y. Anti-Eviction Conference

September 1933: Paterson Strike Ties Up Silk and Dye Industries

October 1933: A Monument to Gompers

October 1933: Silk Dyers Vote for Separate Agreement

November 1933: The Flames of the Class War in Yakima, Washington

November 1933: ‘Good Government’ Cleans Up in the New York Municipal Election

January 1934: Fascism in America

January 1934: Hotel Strike Gains Momentum

January 1934: How Pacifism Led Us into War

February 1934: Vienna – the Socialist ‘Millennium’

May 1934: On “Shorty” Buehler and Cora Duff (obituaries)

January 1935: Wall Street Cracks Whip on Congress

December 1937: Pontiac Workers Forced to Quit by Martin Machine

September 1938: The Crisis in the Auto Workers Union

November 1938: Genora and Kermit Johnson, Leading Auto Workers, Quit S.P., Join S.W.P.

October 1939: J.L. Lewis Opens Drive in CIO to “Clean House” of Stalinists

November 1939: The CIO and the Third Term

November 1939: The Last Time the Stalinists Peddled That “Radical” Line, the Nazis Took Power ...

December 1939: Stalinist Hold Slipping in CIO Unions

December 1939: What the Union Asked and What They Got in 54-Day “Lockout”

February 1940: AFL Council Pettifogs While Major Issues for Workers Are Ignored

February 1940: General Motors Had a Bonanza Year, But Its Workers Got Nothing Out of It

March 1940 The Truth About the Auto Fraction (Internal memo detailing the confusion in the SWP’s growing Auto Fraction in the UAW)

April 1940: Push the Campaign for the New Twice-Weekly Socialist Appeal!

May 1940: Workers Asking – Who Are We Going to Fight and – What For?

June 1940: Clarke Sees Wartime Open Shop Tactics at Work in Syracuse

June 1940: Workers Are Not Falling Readily for Propaganda Blitzkrieg, Clarke Reports

June 1946: Government’s Anti-Labor Offensive Underlines Need for a Labor Party

June 1946: Labor Needs Its Own Party, Not a Third Capitalist Party

June 1946: When Is the Time to Build a Labor Party – If Not Now?

August 1946: Build a Labor Party Now! (PDF of original Pioneer Publishing pamphlet)

January 1953: Stalin’s Role – Stalinism’s Future

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