Leon Trotsky



July 1 Offensive begins on South Western Front.

July 15 Cadet Ministers resign from Provisional Government.

July 16 Armed demonstrations of soldiers led by the Machine Gun Regiments and the workers demanding “Down with the Capitalist Ministers!”, “All Power to the Soviets!”

July 18 Kerensky brings counter-revolutionary troops to Petrograd. Bolshevik office and printing press in Petrograd smashed. Lenin accused of being a German spy.

July 19 Offensive collapses. Tarnopol captured by Germans.

July 20 Lvov resigns; Kerensky becomes Premier.

August 1 Kornilov replaces Brussilov as Commander in Chief.

August 4 Trotsky and Lunacharsky arrested.

August 25 Moscow State Conference opens.

September 3 Riga falls to the Germans.

September 7-12 Kornilov Revolt.

September 14 Russia declared a Republic. “Directory of Five” formed.

September 27 All-Russian Democratic Conference opens in Petrograd.

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