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Karl Radek


Member of the R.S.D.L.P. since its beginning, where he was active in Galicia, Russian Poland and Germany. Took an anti-war stand during WWI. Became a Bolshevik in 1917. In 1923 a member of the Left Opposition; expelled from the party in 1927 as a result. Radek re-entered the party in 1930, but was again expelled in 1936. Tried in the Second Moscow Trial, and died while in prison. Serge had written of Radek: “A sparkling writer ... thin, rather small, nervous, full of anecdotes which often had a savage side to them ... just like an old-time pirate.”



March 1909

The Unity of the Working Class


Marxism and the Problems of War

5 May 1916

The End of a Song


The Development of Socialism from Science to Action

September 1918

Preface to Arthur Ransomes’s A Letter to America

18 January 1919

Karl Liebknecht – At the Martyr’s Graveside

6 November 1919



Dictatorship and Terrorism (book)

June–July 1920

The Labour Movement, Shop Committees and the Third International

June–July 1920

The Polish Question and the International

July 1920

England and the East

October 1920

Bertrand Russell’s Sentimental Journey


Is the Russian Revolution a Bourgeois Revolution? (pamphlet)

May 1921

The Downfall of Levi

3 August 1921

On the Trade Unions, at Second Congress of the Communist International;
>Replying to the Discussion

October 1921

Outlines of World Politics


The Paths of the Russian Revolution


Foundation of the Two and a Half International


Eve of Fusion of the Second and Two-and-a-Half International


From the Hague to Essen

October 1922

The Greek Revolution

October 1922

The Winding-Up of the Versailles Treaty, Report to the IV. Congress of the Comintern


Leon Trotsky, Organizer of Victory


Ruhr and Hamburg

May 1923


June 1923

The International Outlook

June 1923

Leo Schlageter: The Wanderer into the Void (“The Schlageter Speech”)

July 1923

Fascism and Communism


Through Germany in the Sealed Coach

October 1926

November: A Page of Recollections

December 1926

A Letter to Klara Zetkin


Larisa Reisner

October 1928

Appeal for Trotsky


Capitalist Slavery vs. Socialist Organisation of Labour

January 1931

Greetings to Romain Rolland


The Birth of the First International


Fifteen Years of the Communist International (pamphlet)

August 1934

Contemporary World Literature and the Tasks of Proletarian Art (Speech at the Soviet Writers Congress)


Felix Dzerzhinski

May 1935

At A New Stage

May 1935

Head in the Lion’s Mouth

May 1935

The Barrel Organ


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