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October 2017


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19 October 2017: Added to the NCM Responses to Ed Sadlowski and the Insurgency in the Steelworkers Union Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Steel Rank & File Denounces E.N.A.
Rank & File Charts Course in Steel
Letter to the Guardian: Two Rallies – Two Lines
Guardian Radical forum: What strategy for steelworkers’ no-strike fight?
Landslide Victory – Sadlowski Wins Victory
A View of Sadlowski’s Campaign
Steel Union Debate: How to Smash Abel Machine
Terror Hits Abel Opponents – Union Reformer Shot
Steel Convention: A Blow to Rank and File
Steel Workers Carry Struggle to Convention
Editorial: Sadlowski for President
Abel-Sadlowski – Steeled Racists
Steelworker Elections – Time To Dump Abel Machine, Elect Sadlowski
Sadlowski Election Battle – Steelworkers Shake Abel
Local Steelworkers Make Gains in Sadlowski Campaign
Rank & File Utilize Sadlowski Race
Boycott of major union elections called: Fighting Our Two Enemies – Bosses and Bureaucrats
Struggle in Steel: Class Warfare in United Steel Workers Union
Steelworkers Elect Leadership
Steel Union Election Feb. 8: Sadlowski & McBride Working for Bosses
Debate on Sadlowski
Sadlowski, McBride: Birds of a Feather.... Steelworkers Must Reject Them Both
Sadlowski No Alternative for Steel Workers
Rank & File Advances in Steel Fight
Maoist OL Somersaults Over Sadlowski
Elections No Solution for Steelworkers
Sadlowski Defeated: Steel Workers Advance Despite Election Loss
Forward from Sadlowski Campaign: Steel Demo Kicks Off Contract Fight
Summing Up the Steel Election Battle
Abel’s History of Treachery
Forging Correct Line in Steel
Sadlowski Campaign: The Lessons Learned
[Thanks to the EROL team]


19 October 2017: Added to the Commentator Collective Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Publisher’s Preface to the reprint of Dimitrov’s “The United Front Against War and Fascism”
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire. A Political Analysis of George Wallace
The Economics of Racism
The Election & After
[Thanks to the EROL team]


19 October 2017: Added to the NCM Responses to Watergate Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Richard Nixon Blames American People for Watergate
Nixon and Watergate: Toughing It Out
Watergate: Political Crisis Escalates
Both Sides of the Fascist Coin! Nixon And His Phoney Critics
Watergate Struggle Escalates: Toppling Government Signal USNA Hegemony
Call for New Elections
Nixon Pardoned – Working Class Indicted!
Why we Say “Dump Nixon”
Congress Paralyzed – Dump Nixon
“Unparalyze Congress or Organize to Fight?
Call Editorial: Nixon Dumped But Real Fight Ahead
Progressive labor Party Says: Today’s Liberal Billionaires Are the Fascists of Tomorrow
Watergate “Good Guys” Are Imperialist Butchers. NY Times: All The News That Fits Wall St.
Criticisms of “Watergate” Line
Progressive Labor Party Says: Watergate Outcome: Rocky & Co. Run Bosses’ Govt.; Workers’ Task: Overthrow It!
Progressive Labor Party Says: Watergate: Nothing’s Changed; Same Old Billionaires’ Dogfight!
Progressive Labor Party Says: Bosses Rat Pack Nullifies Nixon. Build Our Organizations, Offset Bosses’ “Impeachment” Hokum
Progressive Labor Party Says: While Bosses Fight One Another for $$’s, Workers Should Drown Them All in WATERgate
Nixon and Ford: Whence the Differences?
[Thanks to the EROL team]


19 October 2017: Added to the Venceremos Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Avenge George Jackson
The Economics of Fascism
Industrial Warfare
SF Newsreel Expels Racist Leadership
The Meaning of Watergate
1 Out of 16 Vote for Armed Communist Revolution
[Thanks to the EROL team]

an class="tilt">19 October 2017: Added to the Sojourner Truth Organization Archive in the Encyclopaedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL):

Fascism in the U.S.? by Don Hamerquist
Internal Discussion Bulletin #22, April 1981 [For the General Membership Meeting]
[Thanks to the EROL team]


17 October 2017: Added to the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line section for newspapers and journals is the Socialist Press. Published in London between 1975 and 1981 it was the organ of the Workers Socialist League, a group of Trotskyist industrial workers expelled from Gerry Healy’s Workers Revolutionary Party.
[Thanks to Rob Marsden of Splits and Fusions Blog]


17 October 2017: Added to the German Archiv Chris Harman:

Frauenunterdrückung und Frauenbefreiung (1984) (Women’s Liberation and Revolutionary Socialism)
Der Prophet und das Proletariat (1994) (The Prophet and the Proletariat) (1991)
[Thanks to David Paenson & Angelo Ks.]


17 October 2017: Added to the French Revolution. Emancipation of the Jews Archive:

New Address of the Jews to the National Assembly, 1789
[Thanks to Mitchell Abidor]


14 October 2017: Added to the Bahasa Indonesia Archive:

Jadilah Komunis yang Baik dan Lebih Baik Lagi!, D.N. Aidit (1964)
Sosialisme - Hari Ini dan Hari Esok Bangsa-bangsa, Depagitprop CC PKI (1963)
Marxisme dan Pembinaan Nasion Indonesia (PKI dan ALRI II), D.N. Aidit (1964)


13 October 2017: The Spanish section starts a Polina Vinogradskaya archive, with:

El "Eros alado" de la camarada Kollontai (1923)
[Thanks to Camila Pérez for the translation]


4 October 2017: Added to the Swedish Lenin Archive:

Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies, 1917
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


2 October 2017: The Spanish section announces its creation of the Archivo Jack Fitzgerald, with:

La futilidad de la reforma (1904)
[Thanks to Darrell Whitehead for the translation]


2 October 2017 : Added to the Finnish Alexandra Kollontai Archive:

Naisen asema taloudellisessa yhteiskuntakehityksessä, 1921
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


1 October 2017 : Added to the Finnish August Bebel archive Archive:

Elämästäni (1. osa), 1910
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


1 October 2017: Added to the Swedish Ernest Mandel Internet Archive:

In defence of socialist planning (1986)
Peking's new economic policy (1987)
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


1 October 2017: The Spanish section announces the creation of the Archivo M. Tugan-Baranovsky, with:

Los fundamentos teóricos del marxismo (1915)


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