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John Rees

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As John Rees is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by John Rees included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Summer 1990: Trotsky and the dialectic of history

Spring 1991: Revisionism refuted (book review)

Autumn 1991: In Defence of October

July 1994: Dear Michael (letter)

Winter 1994: Engels’ Marxism

Spring 1995: The light and the dark (book review)

July 1997: The Class Struggle Under New Labour

July 1998: The Return of Marx?

Summer 1999: The socialist revolution and the democratic revolution

Summer 2000: Tony Cliff – theory and practice

Spring 2001: Anti-capitalism, reformism and socialism

Winter 2001: Imperialism – globalisation, the state and war

Summer 2002 Leninism in the 21st century

Winter 2002 The broad party, the revolutionary party and the united front

Spring 2003 Cairo calling

Spring 2003 Editorial comment

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