ETOL Writers: Sam Marcy

Sam Marcy

Sam Marcy

(1911 – 1998)

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Biography: Some aspects of the life of Sam Marcy, 1911-1998


1937: November Roosevelt Makes a Little Gift to New York

1944: July Financial Jugglery at Bretton Woods

1950-57: Global Class War Three documents by Sam Marcy from 1950, 1953 and 1957 that together summarize the theoretical and ideological positions that led to the formation of Workers World Party

1977 The Class Character of the USSR A collection of Marcy's writings published by his party, the Workers World Party. It includes an introduction and a long essay by Vince Copeland titled The History of USSR-China Relations.

1980 Generals over the White House “Our view of the military differs fundamentally from the anti-militarism of the liberal and progressive elements in capitalist society. They fail to recognize that the structure of capitalist society, that is, the relationship between the basic classes, determines the politics of the capitalist state, no matter which policy the governing group may pursue. This policy is inevitably imperialist and today inexorably serves the military-industrial complex, which, willy-nilly, is propelled in the direction of imperialist war.”

1983 The Klan & the Government: Foes or Allies? Examines the special relationship with the state that has allowed the Ku Klux Klan to exist for over a century despite its criminal history of lynchings, murders, and intimidation.

1990: Perestroika: a Marxist Critique The Soviet economic reforms: their impact on wages and prices, agriculture, socialist planning, national minorities, foreign policy, and the world progressive movement