Max Shachtman

Paper Will Wield Double
Strength, Says Shachtman

(December 1938)

From Socialist Appeal, Vol. II No. 53, 10 December 1938, p. 1.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

It is not so much that we WANT a Twice Weekly SOCIALIST APPEAL.

Our problem is that we MUST issue our APPEAL at least twice as frequently as at present.

Every time we have been confronted with an important issue, we have found that weekly publication is insufficient. In the big New York hotel strike a few years ago, in the period of the rise to power of Hitler, and more recently in connection with the Munich events, we found ourselves compelled to make the exceptional sacrifice demanded by the publication of the APPEAL three times a week.

Each time we took this step, it was greeted with the most gratifying enthusiasm.

We have no doubt that our plan to issue the APPEAL REGULARLY two times a week will receive the same enthusiastic response.

Events no longer come slowly! They follow, one on the heels of the other, at terrific speed. Munich – Czechoslovakia – the storm of Jew-baiting and the refugees problem – the French general strike and the coming decisive struggle in that country. These are only a few of the world-shaking events that have fixed the attention of the masses in recent weeks alone. The weeks and months to come will not produce less of them but, if anything, more.

We simply MUST be in a position to react more often to these events ... at least twice as often as we can now with a weekly APPEAL.

We must be in a position to give the news – not to be found anywhere else – in more up-to-date style.

We must be in a position to present our views and analyses twice as often as we can now.

Reaction everywhere is on a forced march.

It is up to us to increase our own speed of march.

No longer only once a week – but twice a week must we strike our blows.

On to the triumphant conclusion of our campaign for the Twice Weekly SOCIALIST APPEAL – the next big step towards our daily paper!

Redouble your efforts, redouble your sacrifices, so that we can redouble our APPEAL!

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