Marx-Engels Correspondence 1858

Engels To Jenny and Laura Marx
In London

Source: MECW Volume 40, p. 314;
First published: in: Marx and Engels, Works, Moscow, 1929.

Manchester, 11 May 1858

Dear Jenny and Laura,

I cannot allow this note to go off to your mama without thanking you for the two lovely portraits which you asked Moor to bring me. They have found a temporary home on the chimney-piece in front of the looking-glass, but in a day or two will be given a splendid place of their own on the wall.

I hope Mr Schleiden[’s book] suits you all right; the man’s far more solemn than you are, and I only hope you won’t see fit to imitate him.

I see with pleasure from your portraits that you have both grown a lot and that, although you are now grown-up young girls, your faces are still as frank and artless as of old; and you must believe me still to be your old [in Italian]