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Translations most urgently required for the
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Notice to Readers

All the texts listed below have been published with the kind permission of the translator/copyright holder. However, Lawrence & Wishart, who have published collections of translations by Quintin Hoare, the most prolific Gramsci translator, claim that Hoare gave the MIA permission in contravention of his contract with them, and consequently, in January 2008, Lawrence & Wishart requested the M.I.A. to withdraw the Hoare translations. The Marxists Internet Archive always strives to work in a spirit of cooperation with publishers, so as a result, only those translations done by Mitchell Abidor and M Carley under the Creative Commons (Attribute & ShareAlike) licence, for marxists.org are provided below.

In order the re-build our collection of Gramsci collection, we need translators to come forward and at least translate the keys texts for us. The works listed below are suggested as the most urgent ones.


Sources of Gramsci’s Writings in Italian

Antonio Gramci par Angela Molteni;
Fondazione Gramsci;
Biblioteca Marxista;
La voce del Nuovo PCI;
Alice Community;

Most Urgent Texts for Translation

Pre-Prison Political Writings 1910-1926


The Revolution Against 'Capital' (Avanti!, 24 December 1917)


Caporetto and Vittorio Veneto (L'Ordine Nuovo, 28 January 1921)
Worker´s control (L'Ordine Nuovo, 10 February 1921)
The general confederation of labour (L'Ordine Nuovo, 25 February 1921)
Unions and councils (L'Ordine Nuovo, 5 March 1921)
Leaders and Masses (L'Ordine Nuovo, 3 July 1921)
The Development of Fascism (L'Ordine Nuovo, 21 July 1921)
Parties and Masses (L'Ordine Nuovo, 25 September 1921)


Lessons (L'Ordine Nuovo, 5 May 1922)


The Programme of L'Ordine Nuovo (L'Ordine Nuovo, 1 and 15 April 1924)
Democracy and Fascism (L'Ordine Nuovo, 1 November 1924)


The Italian situation and the tasks of the PCI (Lyons, January 1926)
The peasants and the dictatorship of the proletariat (L'Unità, 17 September 1926)
Some aspects of the southern question (Unfinished, October 1926)

Prison Notebooks 1929-1935

(The copyright status of the Prison Notebooks is still uncertain, so this work should be left to last while we are checking this out.)

On Education, from Gli intellettuali e l'organizzazione della cultura

The Modern Prince

3. Politics as an Autonomous Science
5. The Political Party

The State and Civil Society

4. Agitation and Propaganda

The Prison Notebooks

The Concept of ‘Historical Bloc’ (q10ii-41)
Ethico-Political History and Hegemony (q10i-12)
War of Position and War of Manoeuvre (q13-24)
War of Position and War of Manoeuvre or Frontal War (q07-16)